Invitation to Create Work at Flatbed

An Invitation to Work at Flatbed Press

I’d like to invite you to work with us at Flatbed Press.  You already know about Flatbed and perhaps have seen work by many of our artists.  If not, I invite you to take a look at our website (Flatbed Press. ) We have been collaborating with artists since 1989 helping them achieve their ideas and images as fine art prints.  Fine art prints, sometimes referred to as multiple originals, are considered museum quality works of art that are not reproductions of existing art.  An artist creating these valuable prints will work with our master printers to create matrices like copper plates for etchings, stone or plate lithe drawings for lithographs, or woodcut blocks for woodcuts that can be printed in small valuable editions. When an artist comes to create monotypes, they will work directly on plexi-glass plates that print to create one of a kind works. We pride ourselves as being able to help artists develop and expand their ideas into these matrices as monotypes, etchings, lithographs, or relief prints.  During the development of the print's image, the artist is fully involved in the creative endeavor.  Collaboration with the master printer, who orchestrates and handles the technical process, gives the artist the opportunity to work in highly technical printmaking media without having that expertise.  Many of our artists return regularly to work on new projects and most have found success in exhibiting the works we help them create.

Fine Art Prints can be created in a wide range of sizes.  At Flatbed, we have the capacity to help create tiny to very large format fine art prints.  Our two master printers have experience to help plan and orchestrate your project at whatever scale you envision. In able to start a project, an artist needs to meet with a master printer to share ideas, show drawings or other artwork.  This meeting is free of charge, and will help us determine how to help the artist go forward with a project.  Depending on what technique or matrix will work best for the artist’s ideas, we come up with a plan to go forward.  Most often that plan involves a time or day of experimentation that will allow the artist and the printer some time to develop a working relationship and the artist a time to become familiar if they are not already with the matrix and drawing materials.

Our charges are directly related to the time involved working with the printer or printers at Flatbed.  Our daily charges are $700 when working in a medium format with one printer. Larger formats have higher rates. Multiple days are discounted.  All the costs can be roughly estimated at the time of meeting with a printer.  Here is a link to the list of costs per day and per week for working at Flatbed.  The amount of work created by an artist at Flatbed far out-weighs the costs of creating it.  The attached guide gives more information about the collaboration and printing costs. 

We are committed to helping artists use printmaking media to expand artistic vocabulary and ultimately the work that they will be able to exhibit.  Beyond our ability to help an artist realize a project here at Flatbed, we are also able to give artists exposure through our social media sites.   We also work with artists to help them finance their projects.  We suggest pre-publication sales, gallery support, and collectors’ support as ways to get access to funding.  Jump start has also served as a way to raise funds for projects.

Please follow the links to more information about us and the processes we use here.  I’d like to invite you to call me and arrange a meeting so I can see your work and make some suggestions about how to work with us.

Katherine Brimberry