Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A window into the shop.

Hello Flatbed Followers,

In an attempt to give you a window in on the action at Flatbed, Mark and I are committing ourselves to this bit of a blog.  So much happens here, and a lot of it happens with us in the action, leaving us with less time and photos that we'd like.  None the less, we will try to keep you up on the new creations and who is working here.  We'd love this to be a two way window and hear from you too.  Maybe we can take some informal surveys!

Some of our best news is the completion of the Ann Conner Brentwood Suite of woodcuts.  It is a beautiful suite of six woodcuts printed in "technicolor" as described by Ann.  Ann made the trip from Wilmington, North Carolina the first week of August just in time for our heat wave.  The blocks had been printed and she came to inspect the finished work and sign the editions.  All went well, and with her approval and signature, we now have these amazing works available. 

Other good news at Flatbed is that we have started a limited "open shop" for experienced printmakers.  We're excited to have our first member and are hoping to be able host four printmakers in our open studio area.

Stay tuned for some upcoming information on the "Advancing Tradition" exhibition of Flatbed work slated to open at the Austin Museum of Art in November!


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