Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday and Discoveries

Welcome Lou MacNaughton to Flatbed!  Lou has decided to volunteer at Flatbed every Wednesday to help us keep order out of the 5,000 plus works in our print inventory.  She took to it quickly, which is quite a feat in itself.  Today, Lou was helping me sort out prints that had returned and find homes for prints that have recently arrived.  She is in charge of listing where everything is in over 90 flat file drawers.  This can be overwhelming but it has its rewards. 

While going through some drawers that hold a mixture of consigned and owned prints, Lou came across some real beauties that I had completely forgotten about.  She and I were overtaken by the condition "Print Eye."  This condition can be identified in yourself when the world comes to a quiet pause while you stare at a print, taking in the image, the technique, the overall effect.  A person affected by "Print Eye" gets a kind of glaze over their face and their breathing comes to a near stop.  Not much else seems to matter for a time.  We took our time admiring these prints and then we looked at each other.  "More people need to see these," I said.  I kept thinking about how they had been languishing in the drawers all this time.  Lou piped up about finding a way to display them and we came up with perhaps the idea of "Wednesday Salon."  That's the day she is here and now she can pull these babies out for anyone to see or purchase.  For the most part, these smaller prints are at a very accessible price point.  Many are from local artists or artists from near by.  

Meanwhile, the real discovery is Lou.  We are grateful to have her here to help at Flatbed, and we are especially grateful for her case of "Print Eye."


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