Friday, November 19, 2010

Image and Word

Recently, Flatbed hosted a group of about six clerics in our studios for a custom workshop.  They meet regularly to investigate how visual art can inform their work as proclaimers of their message.  This time they decided to come to Flatbed and collaborate with me as their printer to create monotypes and collages.  Several of them had worked with me before in other workshops.

Each one brought bits and pieces of flotsam and jetsom from their personal lives for their collages.  We began with a discussion of their experiences in art and their expectations for the workshop.  We also discussed the ways that composing a work of art is parallel to composing a sermon or lecture.

Led by me and assisted by two Flatbed printers--Tracy Mayrello and Heather Parrish--each participant created a series of monotypes, using a variety of techniques: subtractive drawing on color roll ups, roll ups "busted" with solvents, transfer monotypes, etc.  Then, each one composed a few of their collage elements on their monotypes.  They chose to leave one tiled, group monotype unadorned by collage; this multi-part work they would rotate among them as a movable feast.

Btw, "monotypes" are one offs transferred to paper from inked imagery that has been applied to a Plexiglas sheet and then run through the etching press.

It is usually fruitful to bring non-art professionals into the shop for such an experience.  It jiggles the creative brain matter and generates new ideas that can be taken back to their day-to-day work.  Custom workshops at Flatbed can be arranged by emailing
                                                               Mark L. Smith

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