Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jules Buck Jones In the House: UPDATE


Update: Continental Divide
Tuesday, May 21, Jules signed the edition of 10 ten etchings and a few color trial proofs. The title that Jules gave to the 44" x 12" etching is "Continental Divide." Jules explained that he drew his inspiration for the etching from his time in Costa Rica. At one point he stood at the continental divide which of runs through the Monteverde Cloud Forest and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve of Costa Rica, one foot on the Pacific side and one on the Atlantic, surrounded by the dense cloud forest. Six impressions remain of the edition.


When Jules Buck Jones visited Monte Verde, Costa Rica and The Isle of Ometeppe in Nicaragua earlier this year, he came back with his head full of images of dense overlapping foliage surrounding and engulfing his vision.  It was soon after he returned from South America that we invited him to come to Flatbed and collaborate with our master printers to create an etching.  Jules is most well known for his large paintings and installations (see Jules Buck Jones)  but had never attempted a large scale etching.  He lives and works in Austin and is instrumental in the MASS collective and gallery.

We decided together that a long thin format would be the best way for him to convey the surround of the rain forest.  Two long narrow plates were prepared and Jules drew the intricate images on the plates for a deep etch.  The two plates are designed to print as a diptych on one sheet of paper making the final image 40" x 4."  He chose to print using a chine colléd Thai chiri paper and a cool black ink. The image above is a detail of the final print.

The etchings are available now at the pre-publication price of $600 for two impressions only.  Call Katherine or Tina for an appointment to see the new print. (512.477.9328)  Stay tuned for news of a "signing party" for this small edition of ten in a few weeks.

Julies Buck Jones, Master Printer Tracy Mayrello, Assistant Printer Cordelia Blanchard

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