Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Welcome Back Ceci!

PHotography credit:  Geoffrey Berliner, Penumbra Foundation
Veronica Ceci, Lithographic Master Printer,
Credit to:  Geoffrey Berliner, Penumbra Foundation
Flatbed is pleased to welcome back our Tamarind trained Master Lithographer, Veronica Ceci.  Ceci spent the last two years at Kent State University in Ohio, where she refurbished the neglected lithography program while working toward her MFA.  While at Kent State Ceci further polished her already impressive skills in the medium by repairing broken-down equipment as well as designing and implementing a brand new curriculum for both introductory and intermediate lithography classes.  Additionally she found the time to exhibit extensively, including shows at the International Print Center New York, the Cleveland Museum of Art and was featured last month at the SELECT fair, a satellite to Frieze. Follow the link to see examples Ceci's work listed on Flatbed's site:  Veronica Ceci

Lithography is unique amongst printmaking techniques in that the creation of the image for a lithograph does not require the artist to learn a new skill set. Lithographs are made by drawing on a stone or plate with special pencils which operate very much like charcoal or with a wet medium similar to watercolor paints. Once the image is made in these familiar ways the printer takes care of the rest.

Prior to her sabbatical from Flatbed, Ceci had worked with artists such as Luis Jimenez, Sarah Canright, Dan Rizzie and many others. See two of her past lithographic collaborations below.  

Now having completed her graduate program, Ceci returns to Austin eager to get back to work creating new collaborative lithographs. Give Flatbed a call or email if you are wanting to start a lithographic project or would like information about how to go about it.  Contact us at: or call Katherine Brimberry at 512.477.1073 extension 27.
Sterling Allen, untitled, color litho,2007,
collaboration and  printing by Veronica Ceci
Veronica Ceci, circa 2003, preparing
 to print Flatbed's "Texas Medium" litho stone
with image drawn by Cynthia Camblin.
Luis Jimenez, Abu Ghraib, stone lithograph, 2008, 
printed by Veronica Ceci.

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