Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Cauldron, Purgatory and Consummation

Cauldron, Color etching, image size 9" x 16", edition of 20, 2014
 In October 2013, Sharon Kopriva came to Flatbed to make a print.  I had been intrigued by Sharon's sculptures over the years and asked her to collaborate on an etching at Flatbed. If you are not familiar with her work, take a look at this link to her web site:  Sharon Kopriva.  She is a highly painterly sculptor and highly sculptural painter.  Her work can be described as passionate and energetic.
Purgatory, color etching, 9" x 16", ed. 20, 2014
Consummation, color etching, 9" x 16", ed. 20, 2014

The first etching immediately spawned ideas for two more color etchings that would constitute a suite of three.  In addition, these three prints would each have a chine collé version which we would edition as well. The first image set the stage. Sharon used her three hairless Peruvian dogs as subject matter.  They pursue each other in a cauldron of either water or fire.  Glimpses of fish give a clue that this is a supernatural space. We remarked to Sharon that this seemed to be Dante's inferno.  Sharon had recently visited Istanbul's ancient cisterns where you can explore walkways beneath the city surrounded by the vast waterworks which are eerily lit by red lights. Sharon titled the print Cauldron. The second etching carries the subjects into a state of longing and separation.  Sharon titled it Purgatory.  Following the progression, the third etching brings the subjects into a state of bliss and union and is titled Consummation.
I'm sharing the pictures of the color etchings and you can see all six through this link, Kopriva Suite, including the chine collé prints. Sharon signed the editions on May 1 and they are now available at Flatbed Press.

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