Monday, August 20, 2012

Introductions Are In Order

It could have been difficult with the transitions we are experiencing at Flatbed, but sometimes the changing of the guard can go with military smoothness. When you come to Flatbed these days you will likely be welcomed by Tina Weitz who is now on board as Flatbed’s Gallery Assistant Director. Under her direction, Flatbed’s reorganization is making smooth and steady progress and her commitment to being at Flatbed on Saturdays makes visiting our gallery a great Saturday destination!

 Tina came to Flatbed with extensive gallery experience, having owned and directed Studio2 in Austin for ten years. She has served as juror and judge for over 50 exhibitions since 2002. Studio2 is still operates with regular pop-up shows which leaves Tina time to concentrate her talents on Flatbed’s exhibitions and to manage Flatbed’s 02 Gallery space, now open for exhibition proposals. She is also a well-known and exhibited photographer. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, regularly offers photography workshops and is well known for her expertise in architectural photography in the design world.

Stop in and meet Tina. She'd love to show you what Flatbed as been up to this summer.

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