Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To Be Continued...A New Project

Although the dog days of August are upon us, we at Flatbed have been staying busy with multiple printing projects, our summer exhibition and an overall reorganization of our print files.  It's time to update you on these and other exciting changes that are ongoing at Flatbed.

 With the help of our dedicated assistants we have been reorganizing and inventorying all the prints in our flat files.  We are combing our drawers and re-discovering some rarely seen and beautiful works that have been created at Flatbed over the years.  It makes our job of cataloging these works a true labor of love with some eureka moments:  "Wow, I remember that one." "Why isn't this framed!?" and  "Look at that one...I remember what we had to do..." Then I usually launch into the history of the collaboration involved in making that print.  Needless to say, our project is taking much more time than I had planned.

Seeing this visual feast has brought me to somewhat of a mid-summer's dream, or perhaps a resolution.  I plan to write a short and candid history of some of the print collaborations that I've been reminded of this summer. I'll post it weekly for all of you Flatbed fans who would like to know a little about the back stories. If this is too much information for you to bear, gentle readers, please let me know.  In fact, I would love to have your suggestions as to which prints you would like to know more about, as well!  Look for this to start on Monday, August 13.

Meanwhile, here is a little eye candy, a monoprint by Veronica Ceci entitled "Uploading Rialto."  I encourage you to drop by tomorrow, August 9, for the last full day of our summer exhibition, "The World is Flat: The Observational Printmaking of Veronica Ceci." Veronica, our Lithographic Master Printer, is leaving for Kent State to pursue her MFA.  This fine exhibition of primarily monoprinted images is worth taking a closer look and you may even want to take one home. 

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